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Kameraobjektiv für die Iridologie

Kameraobjektiv für die Iridologie
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    Kameraobjektiv für die Iridologie Kameraobjektiv für die Iridologie Kameraobjektiv für die Iridologie

    Camera Lens for Iridology Specifications

    1.High Resolution, Real 2 magepixel pictures
    2. Easy operating without driver installation
    3. luxury leather package


    * Nice appearance and innovative design

    * LED illuminator around lens

    * Imported lens with plated layer

    * 12 Mega pixels high resolution CCD sensor

    * Special DSP image processor, Optical Image Stabilizer

    * Single capture button and digital pause capture.

    * Adjustable focus to give clear image.

    * Auto white balance and contrast adjustment, Color Temperature Filter

    * Dual image compare function

    * 3D-Negative capture mode

    * Compatible with iris lens, hair lens.

    * Deliver clear and accurate images.

    * Easy to operate.

    * Maximum resolution: 3264*2448

    * OS: Windows XP, WIN2000, 2003, Vista, 8,WIN 10,WIN 11,APPLE MAC OS



    1. Handset X1pc

    2. 30X Iris Lens X1pc (skin and hair lens/software for option, contact us if need)

    3. Leather PU Box X1pc

    5. 1.5 Meter USB Line X1pc

    6. Lens protective cover X1pc



    * Instructions & Warranty X1pc

    * CD (Driver and Pro Analysis Software) X1pc

    Kameraobjektiv für die Iridologie Kameraobjektiv für die Iridologie Kameraobjektiv für die Iridologie Kameraobjektiv für die Iridologie


    The Working Principle of Camera Lens for Iridology

    Camera lens for iridology is a specialized type of camera lens that is designed to capture high-quality images of the iris. The working principle of this lens is based on the concept of iris analysis, which is a diagnostic technique that involves examining the iris to determine the health status of an individual.

    The camera lens for iridology is equipped with high-resolution sensors and advanced optics that enable it to capture clear and detailed images of the iris. These images can then be analyzed using specialized software to identify any abnormalities or signs of disease.

    The Advantages of Camera Lens for Iridology

    1. Nicht-invasiv: Im Gegensatz zu anderen Diagnosetechniken, such as blood tests or biopsies, iridology is a non-invasive procedure that does not require any physical contact with the patient.

    2. Früherkennung: Iridology can help detect health problems at an early stage, allowing for prompt intervention and treatment.

    3. Cost-effective: Iridology is a relatively inexpensive diagnostic technique, making it accessible to a wide range of patients.

    Who Needs Camera Lens for Iridology?

    Camera lens for iridology is particularly useful for healthcare practitioners, such as naturopaths, herbalists, and acupuncturists, who are interested in taking a holistic approach to healthcare. It is also useful for individuals who are interested in monitoring their health and identifying any potential health problems.

    The Applications of Camera Lens for Iridology

    1. Holistic healthcare: Iridology is often used in conjunction with other holistic healthcare practices, such as herbal medicine and acupuncture.

    2. Disease prevention: Iridology can help identify potential health problems before they become serious, Dies ermöglicht eine frühzeitige Intervention und Prävention.

    3. Personalized healthcare: Iridology can help healthcare practitioners develop personalized treatment plans based on the individual needs of their patients.

    4. Health monitoring: Iridology can be used to monitor the progress of a patient’s health over time, allowing for adjustments to treatment plans as needed.

    5. Research: Iridology is also used in research to better understand the relationship between the iris and overall health.

    In conclusion, camera lens for iridology is a valuable tool for healthcare practitioners and individuals interested in taking a holistic approach to healthcare. Its non-invasive nature, early detection capabilities, and cost-effectiveness make it an attractive diagnostic technique for a wide range of applications.

    Kameraobjektiv für die Iridologie Kameraobjektiv für die Iridologie Kameraobjektiv für die Iridologie Kameraobjektiv für die Iridologie Kameraobjektiv für die Iridologie



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